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( also known as @INHIU )

🇨🇳  Made in China, 🇪🇸  Based in Spain

📷  Urban Explorer, Architectural and Light Painting Photographer, Designer, Global Traveler.


• 2012 - Now丨Chief Experience Officer  -  QYER 

• 2020 - 2021丨Product Design Consultant  -  Alibaba Banma 

• 2009 - 2012丨Interaction Design Expert  -  Alibaba Cloud 

• 2005 - 2008丨User Experience Designer  -  Microsoft Research Asia 

• Chief Editor  -  Mook Fetish

I’m a photographer and designer who is from Beijing, China. Since 2018, I have moved to Spain to live. I studied and worked as a user experience designer in my past career. Photography may not be my full-time job, but it's definitely my full-time obsession. 


My photography journey started in 2012 visiting the communist monument Buzludzha in Bulgaria. Since then I have explored over 40 countries in the world, focusing on photographing abandoned places, brutalist and Soviet modernist architecture. Many of them are shot at night by light painting photography.


My work has been published and featured in many magazines, newspapers, and books throughout the world as well as exhibited in galleries.


I'm fascinated by the man-made environment. There are some topics I’m especially into, like abandoned sites, brutalist architecture, mass concrete monuments, towers, bunkers, underground tunnels, and many other urban structures. Those places are empty and eerily quiet at night in darkness. But the existence of them actually speaks for themselves, waiting for us to discover and listen to their stories - no matter sad, absurd, heartbroken, or beautiful, they are all shinning in the dark, waiting for us to reap.

As a traveler, I never witnessed those places during their flourishing time in the past, and in the future, I also have no control over how they will become, whether they get abandoned, renovated, or even completely demolished. So the only thing I can do is appreciate the very moment I visit them and witness the current status in their life circle.


Simply documenting those places is not the only thing I want to achieve. By controlling the light and time via light painting photography,  I want to re-create them and build the connection between us. They are transformed on my photos and generate unique scenes that only belong to me.

Eternity is the thing people always pursuit, but never get it in real life. Many times when I’m at those places shooting at night, I do feel I have built a connection between them and me. While feeling how insignificant and lonely we humans are when facing eternity, by doing all this, all I can do is prove that we used to have each other.

If I have to put into words what I wanted to tell through my photos, ‘The Romance of Eternity’ is my answer. 


If you have anything in mind, please complete the form below to send your inquiry.

Or you can send me a DM on Instagram: @inhiu

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